Now that the glitz and glamor is out of the way, we have officially arrived at Berlinale's halfway point. And, depending on who you talk to, this is where the festival really starts to get interesting. A majority of the big premieres are old news, and the rest of the week is packed full of -- what we hope are -- a cornucopia of hidden gems. The second leg, for me, begins tomorrow with four films: The Other (or El otro), The Walker, Irina Palm and Interview. Will one of those turn out to be the pot of gold every journalist in town has been searching for? That ray of shining light at the end of a long week full of rain, sleet and snow? Fingers and toes are crossed, folks.

But back to the first half of the fest; the theme: Boredom. Most of the exciting films arrived in Berlin with a big "SOLD" sign draped across the front, and those that haven't already been snatched up are nothing to write home about. Last night, Teeth (which premiered at Sundance and was subsequently bought by The Weinstein Co.) enjoyed its premiere in the Panorama section. Between watching it blaze through Sundance, seeing it for the first time in Berlin and sitting down for an interview with the pic's star, Jess Weixler, I think I've had more than enough vagina-talk to last me until I arrive home and my wife picks me up the airport.

However, the high-point for me came today when I finally met David Hudson, editor of GreenCine Daily, and sat down with him to discuss the 57th Berlin International Film Festival as it heads into part two. Before watching the third installment of my video diaries, I must warn you that the video abruptly cuts off at the end. But fear not, all you missed was me complaining to David that my camera's memory card is a piece of crap. And then there may have been an I'm A Cyborg, But That's Okay reference from David ... I forget. Anyway, enjoy!