NorbitHappy midday Monday, all. I have to say, little disappointed in this weekend's box office results. 'Norbit' making $33 million? Seriously? Who has nothing better to do on a weekend than spend two-plus hours (what with getting to the cineplex, standing in line for popcorn and then finding a seat in the -- apparently crowded -- theater) on 'Norbit'? And it's not like the trailers or any clips that I've seen make it look like it's going to be good. And OK, I haven't seen it, so I can't swear that it's, um, not worth your two hours on a weekend, but based on the previews I've seen and the reviews I've read and the word of mouth I've heard (from the one person I know who's seen it, she works next to me, but for AOL TV), I'd be willing to bet the farm that this is not Murphy's finest hour and a half.

In short, 'Norbit' made a lot of moolah. Here's what Patricia predicted Friday:

  1. Norbit
  2. Hannibal Rising
  3. The Messengers
  4. Because I Said So
  5. Epic Movie

And here's the actual weekend top five:

  1. Norbit - $33.7 million (!)
  2. Hannibal Rising - $13.35 million
  3. Because I Said So - $9 million
  4. The Messengers - $7.2 million
  5. Night at the Museum - $5.75 million

Get the full box-office report here.

Hannibal RisingI know Patricia contemplated leaving 'Night at the Museum' in her top 5, but just couldn't believe it would hold onto that spot AGAIN. Whoops. But the box-office-prediction playas rocked it this week: There was a three-way tie for second place and a six-way tie for fourth place. Whoa. Very sweet, guys.