According to Production Weekly, James Van Der Beek, wanna-be filmmaker Dawson Leery from TV's Dawson's Creek and the films Varsity Blues and the upcoming Punchy, is still trying to find his way post-Dawson into more adult roles. To help facilitate this transition, Van Der Beek has agreed to star as a soldier in Finnish director Marko Makilaakso's latest film Stone's War.

The film, formally known as War of the Dead and also written by Makilaakso, follows Van Der Beek's Captain Martin Stone as he leads an elite group of American and Finnish soldiers in an attack against a secluded enemy bunker deep in Russia. Unfortunately, the soldiers underestimate the strength of their enemy and soon are forced to retreat deeper into the forest surrounding the bunker to seek shelter and regroup before the next attack. Then, during the next attack, the soldiers are confronted with a new horror and discover a dark secret forcing them to question the very nature of life itself.

You might be able to guess from the description that the soldiers Van Der Beek's team is fighting might turn out to be the kind that don't really stay dead when you kill them. They could be zombies or maybe some sort of other creature that likes to eat human flesh. And as fun as zombie movies can be, I feel like I've seen this film somewhere before -- maybe a few dozen other times. Still, familiarity isn't necessarily a bad thing and perhaps this time Van Der Beek will be able to pull off the adult role he's been searching for and finally put Dawson behind him. Principal photography on Stone's War begins April 2nd in Lithuania.
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