In less than three weeks, we will finally see a new film from David Fincher. And not only is Zodiac his first release in five years, it is his return to the subject of serial killer investigations. So where is all the excitement? Where is all the buzz? I really thought Fincher would have a bigger online presence, but I was apparently wrong. Nonetheless, I'd like to keep the energy up for this one. I'm pretty sure it will be the first film of 2007 that I actually go out and see. As I mentioned last fall when the first trailer hit, I should at least be pleased with the look of the film. And judging by the new photos apprehended by, I have no reason to change my mind on that assumption.

This could be the largest amount of publicity photos I've seen released for a film in a long time, actually. There are so many, in fact, that you'd think you could make a flip book out of them and get the film's whole story. Not quite. But considering the film is about an unsolved case, the story shouldn't be as much a concern as should the look, the tone and the plot structure. So far we've heard the script is "exceptional", we've gotten a couple good early reviews, and some great looking images. What more could we need? The actual film, of course, which hits theaters March 2.
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