Kate Bosworth, star of the surfing chick-flick Blue Crush and, of course, Superman Returns, has taken on a new and different kind of role with her most recent project After.Life -- that of a woman caught in the twilight world between life and death. When our own Monika Bartyzel told you about this film before, we had a few plot details, a star and a director to tell you about but not much else that gave real insight into the film.

Now, thanks to Bloody-Disgusting, we have art too -- in the form of a shiny new poster for the film. Unfortunately, the poster doesn't do very much to help us out in the insight department either. Sure, it shows Bosworth semi-reclined on what appears to be a table or bed, half-covered with some sort of sheet. But really, what does that say? To me, it looks like she's just tired and decided to take a little nap -- not exactly a compelling image making me eager to rush out and see the film.

Granted, this is just the teaser poster and in all likelihood a more comprehensive, and hopefully more exciting, poster will be forthcoming. Maybe its just me, but I kinda miss the days when marketing departments tried a little harder when it came to posters. Sure, there are still some really interesting ones, such as the posters for Crash, Walk the Line or An Inconvenient Truth but mostly they are just shots of the film's stars against a blue or white background and that's about it. Not that exciting. Let's hope the next poster, and the film, prove to be more interesting.
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