As a society, we don't seem to like blemishes too much, whether they're temporary or permanent. If we get a zit, or find our hair popping up into a cowlick, we buy creams and special drug store amenities to right the affliction and make it go away. If we've got an unsightly mole, bump or other such birth idiosyncracy, we head to the surgeon and remove it. There's a cream or scalpel for most normal curses, but what if the exploits of our ancestors resulted in swine deformities? That's the affliction Christina Ricci faces in the upcoming Penelope, which now has a trailer online.

As our Kim Voynar described in her TIFF review, Penelope deals with a young girl cursed with a pig face. She is isolated by her parents, but then breaks free to discover life beyond the protective walls of her home. The curse will be lifted when she can get someone to love her for herself -- obviously a spin on Beauty and the Beast. The trailer has some goodies and glimpses of Catherine O'Hara giving birth and screaming in fright during delivery (did they not inform her of the curse!?) and Reese Witherspoon, who plays Penelope's guide to the real world. However, don't expect to see much Ricci, or her round, pig nose. They've left that out of the trailer. Actually, you won't see much of Ricci at all. The powers that be have chosen to give an introduction to the film and the back story, but not share in her worldly exploits or life. The film will find limited release on April 6, so there isn't too long to wait until the quirky fable hits the screens.