In anticipation of the upcoming UK release of Michel Gondry's Science of Sleep, Moblog UK, a site that allows users to create "moblogs" -- mobile blogs based on pics, video and audio captured on camera phones -- has created a dreamy contest.

To enter the contest, users can create a photo, video, or audio description of their own bizarre dreams. Currently there are a handful of entries, and some of them are pretty interesting. The winner will get a Science of Sleep poster autographed by Michel Gondry and two (count 'em, two!) tix to see the film at an exclusive Valentine's Day screening at the Warner Building in London. That's London, as in England, so if you're not the the UK, you'll have to satisfy yourself with peeking at other people's dreams.

Please note: This is NOT a Cinematical contest. We are in no way affiliated with this contest, its rules, or its prize fulfillment. Do not enter your weird dream stuff here in the comments or send it to us in email unless you just want to impress us with your cool dreams about Gael Garcia Bernal chasing you with giant hands. We're just pointing you over to this other little contest because Science of Sleep is a cool-but-crazy film, and because I kind of like the idea that other people might have dreams that are even more bizarre than my own. So if you're in the UK, you have weird dreams and a celly, and you'd like to enter your dream in the contest -- over there, not here -- then enter away. And be sure to let us know here in the comments if you do submit an entry, so we can pop on over and see what a dream freak you really are.