Of all the big-budget period-piece mega-spectacles that arose in the wake of Gladiator (including Alexander, King Arthur and Kingdom of Heaven), the one I enjoyed most was Wolfgang Petersen'sTroy. I know the thing was seen as something of a disappointment to many (its Tomatometer hangs at 55%) but I found it to be a pretty compelling piece of filmmaking. Sure, sure, Brad Pitt was miscast, I agree, but it's a big fat monster of a movie and it certainly might deserve a second date with your DVD player ... especially if you have one of those massive widescreen TVs.

On the other hand, you could simply head on over to the Berlin Film Festival this Saturday and enjoy Wolfgang Petersen's all-new director's cut of Troy, which takes the 162-minute film and inserts an extra half-hour into the equation. (The loooong version will also hit German cinemas on March 23.) Whether or not the home video consumers of the world will actually embrace a 3 hour and 12 minute version of Troy remains to be seen ... but I know at least one geek who'll be checking it out. (Yes, me.) Warner Bros. hasn't announced a DVD date for this extended edition just yet, but Petersen plans to record an audio commentary and produce some new extra features as well. According to Variety, he's hoping it'll be as well-received as his (seriously awesome) Das Boot re-cut. (We're also promised a little extra sex and violence in this new version, and that's always nice.)

And just so I can clear up a little confusion: Yes, Troy cost about $180 million to produce (some say more) and yes, it only grossed about $133 million in domestic box office. It also did just over $364 million outside of North America, and that's a huge international haul. So knock the flick if you don't like it, but I certainly wouldn't call it a box office bomb. And hey, things could be worse: You could be asked to contend with the 214-minute version of Oliver Stone's Alexander!, which Ryan will be reviewing next week.
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