It's only because Danny Boyle gave us movies like Shallow Grave, Trainspotting, 28 Days Later and Millions that I'm so damn psyched to see his next one, the futuristic science fiction thriller Sunshine. Well, Boyle's involvement and the rather nifty plot synopsis, that is: In the not-too-distant future, our sun is dying, and it requires a big-time rescue mission. Beyond that, I don't really want to know too much about the story. The good news is that has just posted a whole bunch of new pics from the flick -- and those I can pick through without worrying about too many spoilers!

Starring Cillian Murphy, Michelle Yeoh, Rose Byrne, Chris Evans and Cliff Curtis, Sunshine comes from the generally (very) reliable team of director Boyle, screenwriter Alex Garland and producer Andrew Macdonald. Boyle and Garland previously collaborated on 28 Days Later and the Leo DiCaprio beach drama, appropirately titled The Beach. Last I heard, Fox Searchlight was planning a March 16 release date for the R-rated Sunshine -- but I've also been hearing rumblings that it just might get pushed back to a later date. (Fingers crossed that it doesn't!)

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