A theme is starting to crop up amongst the 9a.m. press screenings -- one that can certainly be unwrapped by simply scanning the audience and watching them yawn, while waiting to see who will start snoring first. Sure, the fest has started to catch up to the press; folks are sleep deprived, barely hanging on to the couple hours they're getting here and there, and trying desperately to inject into their brains the necessary caffeine to get them through at least one more film (thanks Dunkin Donuts!)

But, there's also a problem with the content: On Sunday morning, In Memory of Myself bored most into confusion, our friend David Hudson over at GreenCine Daily informed us that yesterday's 9a.m. flick, When A Man Falls in the Forest, happened to tumble onto the wrong side of good -- and, today, The Other (or El otro) kept the theme alive with its non-existent score, little dialogue and aimless wondering. I missed yesterday's 9a.m. screening when my hotel botched the wake-up call; if this theme continues, I just might give those at the front desk an extra something to screw up again.

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