Imagine going to the movies on a Saturday night and having your show ruined by rowdy teenagers. Okay, maybe this has happened to you many times, but was it ever 100 rowdy teens? And did the movie you were seeing get shut off in order for the management to take care of the situation? It is no wonder that movie attendance is down when this sort of thing can happen in a nice, suburban multiplex like the Cinemark 8 in Youngstown, Ohio.

This past Saturday night, one screen at the Cinemark 8 was shut down in order to remove 100 kids from the premises. When the police arrived, they had to break up a fight among some teenage girls, at least two of which ended up in custody. One was a 13-year-old who kicked a can of pepper spray out of an officer's hands before kicking another officer in the groin while resisting arrest. The girl's 15-year-old sister was also taken away by the police and charged with disorderly conduct, apparently for screaming at the cops to let her sister go.

A manager at the theater was unable to tell me the name of the movie the kids had been watching, but of all the titles playing at the Cinemark 8 this week, Unaccompanied Minors seems the most likely as well as the most ironic.

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