I don't know if it was her marriage to Ben Affleck or her new-found motherhood, but Jennifer Garner is really exploding with work lately. We've covered her involvement in The Kingdom, which will come out this fall, her Christmas in Connecticut film and her stint with Ellen Page in the soon-to-be-shot Juno. Step by step, she seems to be walking away from her goofiest roles, such as the forgiving girlfriend in Dude, Where's My Car?, but she still likes herself a good chick-flick drama or comedy. It's been announced this morning that that she will produce, and possibly star, in the upcoming movie Devil in the Junior League.

The film, which will be produced through Garner's Vandalia Films shingle, (does any actor or actress not have their own production company?) is based on the novel by Linda Francis Lee. If you can't recall the title, that's because it isn't out yet. In one of those super-excited jumps, Lee's novel has been nabbed well before its release date of July 10. The story is about Fredericka Mercedes Hildebrand Ware, a young and affluent member of an exclusive Junior League in Texas. Her husband has an affair and runs off with her money, so she enlists the help of a neighbor and lawyer. However, to get his help, she has to get his far-from-belle wife into the League. I would be very, very surprised if Ms. Garner didn't take on the role.
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