Here's some Tuesday news flavor to whet your movie palate:
  • While there is still no word on whether Waters will buy the Senator and turn it into a smelly haven for sleaze, there will be more Odorama, at least for lucky moviegoers who score tickets to the Polyester screenings at the Jacksonville Film Festival. As part of their special "The Talkies" series, the fest will have a dual-night Waters feature. On the first night, the film will be screened to reacquaint audiences with it -- in all its Odorama card glory. The next night the film with be screened again, but with a special, live commentary by John Waters. For fans of the cult director, you can't get much better than that! [via Twitch]
  • In October, Erik mused about a screwdriver-weilding Kim Basinger in her upcoming film, While She Was Out. In the film, she witnesses a murder and is subsequently terrorized, in the woods, by a group of kids with only a toolbox to protect her. Now, Lukas Haas has signed on to play the leader of the menacing gang. While it's flattering for Hollywood to consider people older than me to be suitable for kids roles, it's about time Haas got to act his age!
  • Jennifer Hudson is continuing on her seemingly unending wave of "Nah, nah-nah. nah-nah, nah - American Idol!" success. She's topped off an Oscar nomination for Dreamgirls with a history-making appearance on the cover of Vogue. She will be only the third African-American celebrity to make the cover of the 115 year-old mag (after Halle Berry and Oprah) -- and the first songstress to do so. The photo comes from Hollywood photographer extraordinaire, Annie Leibovitz, and it will be used for the yearly Power Issue. I wonder how crazy that is driving Fantasia...
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