64th Annual Golden Globe Awards - Red CarpetNow that she's an Oscar-winner, one of the most bankable stars in Hollywood and currently the second-highest-paid actress, Reese Witherspoon can afford to be picky with the parts she chooses. And she is also likely one of the most desirable clients for agents. After spending only a year with Endeavor, Witherspoon has signed with CAA. It isn't known why Witherspoon switched representation again so soon, but it couldn't have anything to do with the roles she got while at Endeavor, none of which has been released yet.

Variety mentions that since her separation from Ryan Phillippe, she has been making a number of life changes, though her departure doesn't seem to have anything to do with Phillippe, who is repped by UTA. Maybe she is in fact disappointed that Endeavor couldn't get her enough money to maintain her place as the highest paid actress (she was displaced recently by CAA client Julia Roberts). Or she's just having trouble finding an agent she's as comfortable with as Steve Dontanville, who she was with for almost her entire career up to his retirement. For a peek at Reese Witherspoon's next movie, check out the new trailer here.

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