Big week for DVD, y'all. You've got major Oscar contenders, guilty pleasure comedy, history lessons and a movie called F***. Two of this week's releases even cracked the top three in Moviefone's 50 favorite movies of 2006. Here are my top picks to add to your queue, collection or state of consciousness.

The DepartedThe Departed
Martin Scorsese's crime thriller is the rare film that completely bridges the disconnect between critics and mainstream audiences: It's so damn well made, and so damn entertaining, for once we forget all our differences -- how little critics praised Pirates of the Caribbean 2, or how much critics thought Brokeback Mountain should've won last year's Best Picture Oscar, or that one time that audience member called that critic "fatso" -- and embrace in a (symbolic) group hug. If you've yet to be blown away by The Departed, guaranteed to win Scorsese his first Oscar, the time has arrived.
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Fun Fact: Though Marky Mark is a distant memory, his co-stars report Wahlberg still gives off "Good Vibrations."

Half NelsonHalf Nelson
Meet my favorite movie of 2006. Best Actor Oscar nominee Ryan Gosling is phenomenal as a Brooklyn teach who can't quit the crack, but he's only piece of the stunningly potent pie. Anthony Mackie and newcomer Shareeka Epps match Gosling at every turn. First-time director Ryan Fleck brings a fresh style and deftness to independent filmmaking, and his script, co-written by Anna Boden, is provocative and penetrating. I defy you to find a better wrestling movie.

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Fun Fact: Ryan Gosling still cries every time he thinks about you watching The Notebook, too.