Twice in the past year, I've seen movies in which the closing credits were the funniest part of the movie, which is not exactly a recommendation for those films (Cars and Code Name: The Cleaner). Now I have the dubious honor of having seen a film in which the opening credits are the funniest part: Music and Lyrics. The film opens with a perfect spoof of an Eighties-era music video, featuring the band Pop! with Alex Fletcher (Hugh Grant). In the video, Hugh Grant looks like an alternate member of Duran Duran, doing dance moves stolen from George Michael or Wham! -- in fact, it might be worth seeing the movie simply for this video. However, the video and some other clever musical moments are attached to a routine and somewhat lackluster romantic comedy.

It turns out that Fletcher's career has declined since the demise of Pop! and he's now performing at state fairs, Knott's Berry Farm, and high-school reunions. He's a hack who doesn't care what happens to the music he writes or performs as long as there's a check in it for him. When teen pop sensation Cora asks him to write a song for her upcoming concert, Fletcher agrees ... but he needs a lyricist in a hurry. Cue Sophie Fisher (Drew Barrymore), a wacky woman who waters his plants and turns out to have a hidden gift for writing pop lyrics. If you've ever seen a romantic comedy, you should be able to figure it out from here.