In addition to being a film critic, Roger Ebert is a bit of a psychic. Or, more likely, he understands the Academy and how they vote. Last year his Oscar predictions were nearly spot on in the major categories. He only missed the supporting actress category, for which he picked Amy Adams over winner Rachel Weisz. But he managed to foresee the Best Picture award going to Crash and he also named the winning director, actor, actress, supporting actor, original screenplay, adapted screenplay, documentary, foreign film and animated film. So, if he is just as good this year we can expect the top honors to go to Helen Mirren, Forest Whitaker, Eddie Murphy, Jennifer Hudson, Martin Scorsese, Guillermo Arriaga(he doesn't name an adapted screenplay for some reason), Cars, Pan's Labyrinth, An Inconvenient Truth, and, for the top award, Babel.

I think Ebert will miss with one of the main categories again, probably Supporting Actor. But he thinks he could be wrong on the Best Picture. He claims to have caught wind of a rumor circulating that Little Miss Sunshine is going to grab the top prize in an upset. If this does happen, I imagine the film might also win in the original screenplay category. So far, leading up to the Oscars, Sunshine has picked up significant honors from the Producers Guild, Writers Guild, Screen Actors Guild, British Academy and Irish Academy. This year, Ebert skipped out on making predictions in the minor categories.
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