The folks at IGN just pointed us to what they are calling an exclusive scoop, with "official announcement forthcoming": J.J. Abrams will not direct Star Trek XI, only produce. He is instead gearing up to direct The Dark Tower, as in Stephen King'sThe Dark Tower. To answer your next question, no, there's no information on whether the massive length of The Dark Tower series will mean this is one film, several films, or a television miniseries. IGN reminds us that rumors recently spread that J.J. Abrams was exiting the director's chair on Star Trek XI to instead take on a secret Paramount project called 'Cloverfield.' Does the word Cloverfield have any connection to Stephen King? Anyone? Anyone?

A recent interview with Frank Darabont on a Stephen King fansite led to speculation that he might be in talks to take on the enormous project, but this scoop tells us nothing about whether he will be involved. The Dark Tower, needless to say, is one of the biggest and most successful literary properties to go without a proper big-screen treatment thus far. It's hard to imagine Abrams and King would want to waste it on television, isn't it? I mean, does anyone remember The Stand? Surely the studio can see that the audience for a major, balls-out, $300 million series of films with cutting-edge effects would be at least as big as the Rings audience.

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