Director Shawn Levy will helm The Hardy Men, an action-comedy based around the continuing adventures of 'The Hardy Boys' and starring Tom Cruise and Ben Stiller. If this sounds familiar, it's because first broke the story on February 5. The film, which is currently scheduled to go into production in 2008, will be produced by Stiller and his partner Stuart Cornfeld, with Robert Kosberg, who owned the rights to the 'Hardy' series and brought the project to Stiller's company. Variety reports that the film "will be executed in the spirit of Mr. and Mrs. Smith', although its not clear who will be taking on the Angelina role.

The project has been in development for years, and was originally set up at Fox 2000 with a script written by Michael Sargent. It will now be helmed by 20th Century Fox. Variety also reports that Cruise and Stiller are in discussions to co-star in 'Tropic Thunder,' a film that Stiller is directing for DreamWorks. The next project for Cruise is 'Lions for Lambs,' a drama for United Artists, although it seems like TMZ had it right all along -- Cruise and his people have decided that comedy is his road to a comeback.

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