The critics almost universally panned Guy Pearce's latest film, Factory Girl. Our own Ryan Stewart, in his review of the feature, said: "But as turned-on by superficiality as Warhol was, this film, coming in the age of Paris Hilton, stumbles by settling for a pair of superficial portraits." While Pearce had a wonderful stint dolled up in The Adventures of Priscilla, Queen of the Desert, lately audiences haven't been happy unless he's dirty and dripping with angst and drama, which he does so well. So, it's probably a really good thing that he's following up Factory Girl with First Snow.

The film's official website has a trailer up for the film, and it looks a million times more fun than his big-screen take on Warhol. Pearce plays Jimmy Starks, a flooring salesman and hustler whose car breaks down in the middle of nowhere. He asks someone if the area has "interesting diversions," and finds himself getting a scary reading from a psychic who says that with the first snow, there will be no tomorrow. So, obviously, Starks gets suspicious and paranoid as bits of the reading start to come true. And, in case you think he could just hightail it for Mexico, they add a little Final Destination in -- that his destiny will find him.

Granted, you'll have to look beyond his long hair/mullet look, which I really don't understand. Or, why the cute Piper Perabo wouldn't have forced him to get a haircut yet. Nevertheless, Pearce pulls off paranoia and inner-angst to a tee, and he's helped by William Fichtner, who already sold us as a salesman in Go, and JK Simmons in the meaty role as the psychic -- a nice change from his J. Jonah Jameson. The film will be released this March, just as the snow will hopefully be thawing.

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