The festival is winding down and, while fuzzy due to my lack of sleep, I can almost spot the finish line. So far, the second half of the Berlinale hasn't been much better than the first; The Other was a bore; Irina Palm was just okay; Paul Schrader's The Walker nudged me to get up and walk right out of the theater; and 300 let me down in a huge way. However, a few bright spots emerged: Steve Buscemi's Interview was a fun watch (especially for a writer like myself who's often called upon to interview uninteresting actors) and the Christian Petzold flick Yella was intriguing, albeit a bit confusing.

On Sunday evening, the buzzed-about Sundance hit Teeth had its premiere in fest's Panorama section. Since this was my first opportunity to see it, I must say I found the film to be quite the fun ride -- a different, more personal kind of horror film -- and a refreshing break from the Saw and Hostel-type scary we've been bombarded by as of late. In the pic (which Kim and Scott both reviewed at Sundance), up-and-comer Jess Weixler plays a teen abstinence preacher who discovers a bit of a problem down there (read: actual teeth inside her vagina) when her hormones begin to get the best of her. On this installment of my imaginary award-winning video diaries, I sit down with Jess to talk about the role, about Berlin and about ... vagina dentata. Dun. Dun. Dun. Stay tuned to Cinematical, as I'll have much more with Jess coming up later this week.