Just when it seemed like Johnny Depp was making the change from interesting, thought-provoking roles to family movie dynamo, he has completely changed the tables on us. We've previously brought you news on his role in Sweeney Todd, that has him getting into character by slicing through the air like a madman. He's also working on the upcoming Shantaram, a crime drama, and The Rum Diary, his next foray into the world of Hunter S. Thompson. Perhaps inspired by his return to meaty, North American writers from the 60's, Depp is now reportedly taking on a little Charles Bukowski.

According to TMZ (which got it right on The Hardy Men), Depp will both voice the main character and produce a project that brings four of Bukowski's short stories into one animated feature. The flick has been in the works for a while -- you can find mention of it from the Bangkok International Film Festival back in 2005, when it still had the name of the Bukowski's short story, The Way the Dead Love. Now it is called How the Dead Love, andI wonder if they changed the name to differentiate it from the first version of the script, penned by Bruce Wagner.

Regardless, Depp is teaming with Gabor Csupo to create the film. If you're an animation fan, you've seen his work in the first three Simpsons seasons, as well as in Rugrats and The Wild Thornberrys. However, before you think that this will be family-fied, Csupo has insisted that the adaptation will be a movie for adults, much more like R. Crumb's work than his own Thornberrys fare, which is an apt choice, considering the fact that Crumb collaborated with Bukowski on books such as The Captain is Out to Lunch and the Sailors Have Taken Over the Ship. Captain Jack Sparrow is great and all, but I'm happy to see Depp returning to the meaty literature.
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