It's starting to look like Eidos Interactive is looking to flood the market with big screen video game remakes. Now that Hitman finally has its...well, Hitman. Eidos has already struck another deal with Lionsgate for their new action title Kane & Lynch: Dead Men, a game that hasn't even been released. Eidos made the deal with Hitman producers Adrian Askarieh and Daniel Alter. Askarieh and Alter are also on board to produce the big screen adaptation of the horror comic Hack/Slash for Rogue Pictures, and Askarieh is working on a Spy Hunter project with Universal.

The game centers on a mercenary named Kane and a heavily medicated psychopath named Lynch on their way to Death Row. The pair are kidnapped by Kane's former gang and forced to retrieve a stolen fortune. The game was first announced at a Microsoft conference in September and is set for release some time this year. The game is a co-operative action story and Xbox is hoping it will be a hit among online players. Game developers even promised that the characters' personalities would influence the game play. If the video game is promising a sophisticated story line and fleshed-out characters, we can only hope that the movie version does the same.
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