Over at Latino Review, they've posted a review of the much-circulated -- and much rejected -- script by The Sixth Sense director M. Night Shyamalan called The Green Effect. Sadly, the script recently went around Hollywood and nobody was interested -- which is something the author of the review just can't understand. At the site, the reviewer goes on and on about how fantastic the script is and how Night is getting the shaft in Hollywood after only one "flop" -- the less-than-stellar Lady in the Water.

In the piece, the reviewer also goes on to say that any studio executive who passed on the project should be fired because, among other things, Shyamalan's films have made billions and this script has a chance of doing the same. I kinda agree -- at least about the shafting part. It's a story probably as old as Hollywood itself. A writer/director has a huge success the first time he gets a chance and then spends the rest of his career trying to live up to that success. Shyamalan is a talented writer/director and I hope he won't follow in the footsteps of another very successful first-timer who never really "recovered" from his initial success -- the genius Orson Welles.

Welles was never really the same after Citizen Kane and spent the rest of his career trying to live up to it. Shyamalan, at least, has already had a few successful films under his belt. Heck, even Spielberg made one or two not-so-good movies -- just watch 1941 if you don't believe me. So, in spite of his recent downturn, I think Shyamalan has the talent and skills to bounce back. What do you guys think?

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