You didn't think that massive list of movies was all that SXSW 2007 had to offer, did you? Well that's just plain old silly. If you know anything at all about the South by Southwest Film Festival, you know that the programmers love to throw in a few juicy surprises from time to time. And here's the first batch of special additions:

  • Thanks in large part to AICN, D.J. Caruso'sDisturbia will join Scott Frank'sThe Lookout as part of the opening night festivities. And while the Disturbia trailer might not look all that promising, I do feel that Caruso's The Salton Sea and Two for the Money are pretty underrated flicks. Plus it was written by the guy who penned Red Eye, and that was a pretty fun little matinee.
  • Producer / director / character actor supreme Bill Paxton will be holding a Q&A panel discussion! Awesome! I'll try not to geek out all over the place when people start asking him about Aliens, Near Dark, One False Move or Frailty.
  • Another new panel has been announced. It'll be called "Ready for Primetime: TV Comedy Today" -- and get this line-up: Al Jean (The Simpsons), Rob Corddry (The Daily Show) and Seth MacFarlane (Family Guy). OK, so it's TV and not movies. Still sounds pretty awesome.

In addition to the fleshing out of the panels and a few new title adds, the SXSW programmers just announced all the short films that will be playing the fest next month. Needless to say, Cinematical will be on the ground in Austin come March 9th. Jette and I live down here, so it's not like it's an inconvenience.