In what could be described as a case of "sour grapes," former Hercules star and recent The OC guest star Kevin Sorbo had some, shall we say, choice words about his former Hercules exec. producer and Spider-Man franchise director Sam Raimi. In an interview detailed over at IESB, Sorbo accuses Raimi of, among other things, not giving him parts in any of his bigger films because he is infantile and holds a grudge against him for not wanting to do more season of Hercules.

According to Sorbo: "I busted my ass on Hercules and during Season Five, I almost died doing it. I think I'm a good enough actor that [Sam Raimi] can put me in a secondary part in one of his feature films. It would be nice if he did that. I think he's holding a grudge over me." In the article, Sorbo also recounted the director's actions when he ran into him during the filming of For Love of the Game. Sorbo, who is friends with the film's star Kevin Costner, was hanging with the actor in his trailer when Raimi came in and, according to Sorbo, acted nice but was really holding back. "It is very infantile from a guy who's as powerful as he is and as wealthy as he is to. Throw me a bone. Why not let me do something?

Even if Sorbo hasn't been in any of Raimi's movies, its not like he hasn't had work. He starred in another successful TV show after Hercules -- Andromeda -- which ran for five years. Maybe Sorbo feels he deserves the same treatment as longtime Raimi friend Bruce Campbell? After all, Raimi has thrown Campbell many bones and had him appear in most of his big projects, including the first two Spider-Man films. To me, Sorbo comes across as jealous of Campbell and doesn't really make much of a compelling case -- especially knowing how Hollywood works. Sure, it would be great if everyone did the "right" thing in Hollywood. Unfortunately, that's just not how things work. Sorry Kevin. Maybe Kevin Costner will give you a job?

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