Sometimes it pays off to be patient. I recently shared casting news about Rian Johnson's next film, The Brothers Bloom. (Johnson being the man who wrote and directed Brick.) After months without word, the film had finally found one leading man -- Adrian Brody, and one sexy female accomplice, Rinko Kikuchi, but no second brother to share in the wacky theiving hijinx with him. With production set to start next month, Johnson has been really cutting it close to the wire, but now he's got his other leading man, and to me, it seems well worth the wait.

Variety has just reported that Mark Ruffalo has signed on as the elder Bloom brother. This comes on the heels of the Anna Paquin and Matt Damon drama, Margaret, and Reservation Road, the dramatic thriller he just finished with Joaquin Phoenix, Jennifer Connelly and Mira Sorvino. It seems spot-on to me. If past roles are any indication, I'm going to guess that older Bloom will be the slightly neurotic mastermind, while the younger Bloom will be the congenial ladies man. There's not much more news on the film, although Variety has said the following about Kikuchi's role: "[she] will play the brothers' partner in crime who may be hiding secrets of her own." Between Rachel Weisz's crafty heiress and Kikuchi's secretive sidekick, I'm beginning to wonder if this will have some comedy mixed in with the drama. Regardless, we're almost gauranteed a shot of Ruffalo's posterior, so what else could you want?
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