This might seem like a trivial little news-niblet to most of you, but to a small-yet-rabid group of genre junkies, it's a huge piece of information: Fred Dekker's 1987's cult classic The Monster Squad appears to be headed toward a DVD release. And no it's not Anchor Bay who's hooking us up this time; Lionsgate is the rumored distributor, although they did not respond to our attempts to get a comment. For those who've never experienced the cinematic bliss that is The Monster Squad, it's about a scrappy group of kids who team up to foil the nefarious plot of Dracula and his evil minions -- namely, Frankenstein's Monster, The Mummy and The Gillman!

Written by Dekker and action expert Shane Black, the flick might not have set the world on fire upon its theatrical release ... but damn if it hasn't enjoyed an underground resurgence over the past ten years. According to, which claims to have the inside track on a Lionsgate plan to release the DVD, the company has not divulged anything as specific as a release date or a specs list just yet, but just knowing that the Squad may be on the way, well, it makes me all nostalgic for the late '80s. Now if we can only get Dekker's Night of the Creeps on DVD, I'll be one happy horror geek.


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