Before Dutch filmmaker Theo van Gogh was assassinated at the hands of a Muslim extremist in 2004, he had an idea to adapt a trilogy of his own films for Hollywood. Interview (based off van Gogh's 2003 film of the same name), directed by Steve Buscemi, and starring Buscemi and Sienna Miller, is the first . Producers Bruce Weiss and Gijs van de Westelaken have decided to continue with the trilogy (as an homage to van Gogh), and will produce two more; one directed by Stanley Tucci and the other by Bob Balaban.

The story here is pretty simple (and somewhat familiar to those journalists working in the entertainment industry): A political journalist (Buscemi) from New York is refused by his editor the chance to fly to Washington to report on a hot White House scandal. Instead, he's asked to interview the very hot-right-now actress Katya (Miller) as part of a fluff piece for Newsworld. But Katya isn't exactly a "serious" actress; she's more known for her off-screen antics (like getting a boob job for a role) than her on-screen performances (her greatest claim to fame is as the lead in a horror flick called Killer Body 4). Nevertheless, Pierre Peters, our jaded journalist, heads off to a Manhattan restaurant to sit down with Katya ... knowing absolutely nothing about her.

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