Every great music group deserves its own biopic, and Milli Vanilli is no exception. Don't laugh, and don't try to deny you liked "Blame it on the Rain" and "Girl You Know It's True" before the duo was infamously outted as being fakes. I have no problem admitting to still owning the cassette and listening to it for novelty effect every so often. But if you somehow lost your copy, you may look forward to a possible soundtrack to the new film about the group coming soon from Universal.

Jeff Nathanson, who previously wrote about a famous fraud for Catch Me If You Can, is working with Fabrice Morvan and the estate of Rob Pilatus in order to script the Milli Vanilli story from their point of view. He is also set to direct the movie. He has his work cut out for him, as it will be difficult to get audiences to accept the duo as a tragic pair and not the joke they still are thought of as. Especially out of respect to Pilatus, who committed suicide in 1998, the tale will have to be told as a serious drama. If it need mock anything, it would do fine to ridicule the pop music industry. But it shouldn't go so far as to treat the guys like victims.

It is hard to tell if Nathanson will pull it off, even with regular Spielberg producer Kathleen Kennedy overseeing things. Nathanson's directorial debut, The Last Shot, wasn't much of a success with critics or audiences, and even if he actually makes a great film about Milli Vanilli, the chances of it appealing to moviegoers might be probably pretty slim. Not everyone is as nostalgic as I am.
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