Earlier this week, I found out that the thriller Disturbia was added to the SXSW schedule for the film festival's opening night. Now Bloody Disgusting has an image of the Disturbia poster, which further piques my interest. It looks like the dark twin of the Everything is Illuminated poster, but seems to conveys the film's storyline and general tone fairly well. I like the black-and-white aspects of the poster and the contrast with the color image inside the binoculars, although the color image itself seems weirdly framed, and isn't the nice grainy texture of the rest of the poster. I agree with Bloody Disgusting's assessment that the film looks like a contemporary riff on Rear Window.

Disturbia stars Shia LaBeouf, whom I persist in thinking of as That Kid from Holes, as the guy on the poster who is confined to his house and decides to start spying on the neighborhood. David Morse is one of the people he watches, and Carrie-Anne Moss also has a role in the film. It's directed by D.J. Caruso, who also made a film I liked very much, The Salton Sea -- I hope this film is as good and has as complex a plot (but this time, no noseless characters, please). Scott Weinberg claims the trailer is somewhat spoiler-ish so I'm avoiding it myself -- I'd rather wait and see the whole movie, which opens April 13.

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