I consider Matt Damon to be one of the greatest actors we have today. The fact that he wasn't nominated for The Departed shows how great he is -- acting shouldn't be so noticeable that we immediately shout, "Oscar!" He's great at drama, comedy, action and he's an enjoyable personality (have you seen his Matthew McConaugheyimpression?) and an intelligent and candid interviewee -- as is evident in his conversation with a reporter from Australia's Herald-Sun.

In the interview, Damon pretty much delivers the goods on everything he's done for the past few years. He discusses the difficulty of being in between Terry Gilliam and Harvey Weinstein with The Brothers Grimm. He mentions the absurdity of his character in The Good Shepherdditching out on Angelina Jolie of all women. He says he wants to do a special anniversary DVD for Good Will Hunting. And he also talks about the hot news of the moment: the possibility of a prequel and a sequel to The Departed. Obviously, he knows nothing about the plans, and certainly he wouldn't be involved in anything that comes chronologically after the first film, but he seems at least interested in and supportive of the idea.
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