I went to see White Noise for precisely one reason -- and it wasn't because I thought the concept of "EVP" was screaming out for its very own "psychological thriller." I walked in because I've been a big fan of Michael Keaton since the Mr. Mom days. (Or if you really want to get obscure, it was since the Working Stiffs days.) I figured Noise was the first time I'd get to see Keaton in a leading role since, what, Jack Frost -- and I didn't want to miss it. Long story short: Keaton was fine, the movie ... not so much.

But here's some good news: According to Production Weekly, Mr. Keaton will not only star in the indie drama The Merry Gentleman; he'll be making his directorial debut, too! Newcomer Keith Kupferer will co-star with the one-time Batman, and production is scheduled to begin in Chicago next month. That's pretty much all the news we have so far, but Keaton's cool enough to warrant this kind of attention.
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