If, like me, you are eagerly awaiting a look at Richard Kelly's follow-up up to his trippy/cool cult fave Donnie Darko, the wait just seems to be getting longer and longer. According to Kelly's Myspace page, no trailer has been completed yet for Southland Tales, and the director is awaiting approval of the budget required to complete the film's visual effects. The cut of the film that screened at Cannes received -- to borrow a phrase from the film's Wikipedia entry -- highly "polarized reviews," and was missing many special effects when it screened.

Kelly promises things are moving forward, however. He is in advanced negotiations for a soundtrack deal, and the Southland Tales graphic novel prequels have been completed, but the film itself has no release date or distribution plan as yet. Southland Tales sports a large and interesting cast including Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson, Sarah Michelle Gellar, and Seann William Scott, and tells a tale of a not-too-distant future in which the United States has devolved into fascism. You can read a review of the Cannes version of the film by Cinematical's James Rocchi right here.

Meanwhile, Kelly has a few other projects in the works. Casting is underway for The Box, which is based on a story by Richard Matheson, with filming expected to start later this year. Kelly has also been hired by Fox to pen an action film screenplay for an unnamed famous director. This film will be a remake of an equally unnamed 1971 film, although Joblo.com speculates that film might be Vanishing Point.

[Via Joblo]

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