Biographical cinema usually comes from piles of research, books, and stories that have come from the legend in question. If the figure is recent enough, there just might be a person or two to glean information from -- maybe a friend or child. Going back a few more years, it might be a fairly close descendant, as is the case with the Duchess of York helping along a film about Queen Victoria. But has there ever been a family who has dug into their family tree and filmed the story themselves?

The Last Confederate: The True Story of Robert Adams
(or Strike the Tent) is a biopic that is, surprisingly, straight from his family. Julian Adams, Robert's great, great grandson wrote, produced, co-directed with A. Blaine Miller and starred in the epic labor of familial love. It's a real-life romantic version of North and South -- the man who was torn between his national duties and his love for a girl from the North. He met Eveline McCord at the start of the Civil War, and the film takes them through their passion and the tragedy that came from their lives and love. Gwendolyn Edwards stars as Eveline, and the rest of the cast includes the likes of Mickey Rooney, Tippi Hedren, and Amy Redford, who has since turned to directing. The film, which was originally screened a few years ago, has now been picked up by THINKFilm for US distribution, but there's no word yet on a release date. We've got a lot of Civil War dramas and biopics out there -- but it's rare to get it completely from the hands of the person's family.
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