Retro films are definitely on the brain lately. I just brought you word of Joe Dante gearing up to film a behind-the-scenes, fictional account of The Trip. But that's not all that is coming down the pike. There's also a documentary currently being filmed about the making of the 1959 sci-fi flick, The Teenagers from Outer Space. The B movie was about an alien ship that comes to earth to use it as a breeding ground for their "Gargon Herd" -- food that just happens to be over-sized lobster-like things.

Obviously, it was far from a piece of stellar cinema, and it is both loved and hated. Nevertheless, doc creator Elle Schneider is whipping together a documentary about it -- The Boy from Out of this World. The film will include chats with the movie's cast -- including Bryan Grant/Pearson who both produced and starred as Thor. And yes, there will be some expert testimony from the likes of B filmmakers and cinema professors. However, Schneider has also nabbed some bigger names. World will include interviews with Lloyd Kaufman, the president of Troma, and Michael J. Nelson of Mystery Science Theatre 3000 fame. If you're a fan of strange man-like aliens and lobsters, the doc has a website coming soon, which currently has a link to a project blog that holds all sorts of retro sci-fi goodies and news on the documentary.
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