If there's one thing the films here in Berlin have in common (at least with most of the flicks I've watched) it is sex ... and lots of it. Just today, both films (Hallum Foe and Lost in Beijing) I saw had some pretty intense -- and well justified -- sex scenes. Yesterday, Bordertown included a steamy sex romp (you go J-Lo!), and the day before both 300 and Yella tossed in some between-the-sheets action. But I must say, out of all this sex, none of it is gratuitous.

The award for the strangest sex has to go to Hallum Foe, which features Jamie Bell (Billy Elliot) as a teenager obsessed with the recent suicide of his mother. He's collected his mother's old make-up, her old dresses, her old passport and, when he leaves home (after having sex with his stepmother!), he begins following a woman who looks just like his mother. And yes, they have sex. And yes, she digs the whole warped thing. On the flip side, Lost in Beijing (whose tagline should read: Who's Screwing Who?) featured a number of sexual trysts, all of which had a different purpose and meaning. And yes, the film (which Chinese censors threatened to chop up) was screened uncut. Lots of films. Lots of sex. Lots of stories to be told.

With that said, above you will find my final (and favorite) video diary from here at the 57th Berlin International Film Festival. In this installment, I sit down with David Hudson (GreenCine Daily), Andrew Grant (Filmbrain) and Aaron Hillis (Cinephiliac) to discuss the second half of the Berlinale, which films truly shined (Yella) and which failed to hit the mark (300). Stay tuned to Cinematical, as I have a lot of reviews to catch up on and will be posting them throughout the weekend and into next week.

(Note: Video may take a little while to load. But hang tough, it's a fun one!)