We already know that Dakota Fanning is desperate to shed her feel-good, bright and cheery family film image. When the desire led her to Hounddog, it seemed like it could be a brief foray -- an "I've got more to me than laughs and sweetness!" statement. Then, Karina Longworth brought us news that she would star with her sister as a handicapped child in Hurricane Mary. Still drama, but no creepy body sleeves and potential trauma. Now, she's adding a crime victim to the list, and I can't help but wonder -- why is a girl of 12 so desperate to shed her childhood as if she's a 20-year-old who everyone refuses to see as an adult? Is her impending 13th birthday that much of an adult, dark, traumatic cloud over her head? (She turns 13 on February 23.)

While I don't have an answer to that, I do have news of the film -- Winged Creatures -- which tells the story of a group of people who survived a vicious restaurant murder and "are left to divine their own individual paths to understanding their mortality and connection to society." The script was written by Roy Freirich, a screenwriter who has danced in and out of the movie news spotlight without his words hitting the screen. In 2004, he was set to write Salvati for Dreamworks, which seems to have sunk into obscurity, and his Creatures script has been cooking on the back burner for years. But now he's got Little Fish director Rowan Woods bringing it to the screen, and a star-studded cast to boot. Aside from the desperate almost-teen wonder, the movie will star Forest Whitaker, Kate Beckinsale and Guy Pearce. It would be hard for this group to make a bad movie, so it should be a winner. However, I really hope that next week doesn't bring word of Fanning signing on to be a drug addicted teen, a prostitute, or anything else of that sort.
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