I've never seen any of the films written or directed by Eric Red -- unlike Scott, who is a big fan -- but I like the sound of his comeback effort, 100 Feet. It involves a woman under house arrest for killing her abusive husband, who just so happens to be haunting the house she can't leave. Sounds like a combination of Cherish, Double Jeopardyand The Gravedancers, all of which I enjoyed to some degree (and two of which starred cast members of Prison Break -- not that this is important).

Now, in addition to liking the premise, I like the star of 100 Feet, too. JoBlo.com exclusively announced that Famke Janssen will play the captive/terrorized woman, and the site quoted Red as saying he plans for her to evoke Audrey Hepburn's Oscar-nominated performance in Wait Until Dark. I like Janssen a lot and think she's due for a role that takes her acting talents serious, but I doubt this will get her that level of acclaim. I do believe she will do a good job of carrying the film and its potentially emotional scenes, hopefully enough that it will propel her toward other work that will get so recognized. After all, she's a better actress than her two female teammates in the X-Men movies, and both of them have Academy Awards.

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