John Hart and Jeffrey Sharp have said goodbye to partnership and are moving on to their own film production companies. Hart Sharp Entertainment has been responsible for films such as the Academy Award nominated You Can Count on Me and documentary Super Size Me. They also have numerous films and Broadway plays in production that each partner has decidedly left with.

Variety stated that the 10-year-old company's split was eminent and even predicted but the full reason for the split is unknown. Irreconcilable differences? The company has produced numerous successful independent features that have walked away with great honors. Boys Don't Cry for one provided Hilary Swank with her first Best Actress Oscar win.

Who is taking what with the divorce? It's reported that John Hart has created a company named Evamere that will produce Life During Wartime by filmmaker Todd Solondz -- director of Palindromes -- and Revolutionary Road by Justin Haythe. Nothing yet has been announced on what Sharp will depart with.

Thus I say ado to the partnership that has created so many films I love to watch. It's sad to see them go as they were so great at fulfilling their company's mission statement which was "to produce socially relevant works that entertain, engage, and ultimately tell a good story."
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