First off, apologies to anyone who was offended by anything surrounding last week's Insert Caption contest for Brokeback Mountain. (To the poster who simply wrote, "This is offensive" -- that wasn't your caption entry, right?) We understand that there's a certain connotation attached to the idea of a "Brokeback joke," but given the nature of Insert Caption -- to be clever, witty, and most importantly, funny -- that, in a literal sense, is what we were asking for, and we felt perfectly comfortable trusting our readers to be tasteful. Our bad. But seriously, the captions were, for the most part, in good taste and humor. Look no further than our three winners below, who all have a Brokeback DVD Pack (also featuring Ray, The Constant Gardener and A Beautiful Mind) on the way.

This week we've got Half Nelson DVDs and Ryan Gosling-autographed posters to award the three best captioneers. Just think, having an Oscar nominee's handwork in your bedroom ... It's not too much of a stretch to say that's just like having an Oscar nominee in your bed. I especially recommend winning this contest to anyone who has yet to see Half Nelson, a film I've raved and raved and raved about. Gosling plays an idealistic schoolteacher who's never met a day that wouldn't be better without a little crack. Simply put, the film is brilliant. (There I go raving again.) Good luck folks. And please, try not to offend crackheads.

Brokeback Mountain
1. "Wait a minute ... I thought the ad said MALE-order bride." -- Melissa V

2. "Let's get this over with so I can go fishing." -- Laurence C

3. "I bet I'll be able to quit her..."
-- Patrick F

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Half Nelson

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