I'll let you in on a not-very-surprising piece of information: I'm a huge Bruce Willis fan. Have been ever since I saw my first episode of Moonlighting, and I've had a pretty good time following the guy's career in the intervening decades. From the highs (Die Hard, Pulp Fiction, 12 Monkeys, The Sixth Sense, Sin City) to the lows (Look Who's Talking Too, Color of Night, The Whole Ten Yards) to a whole lot of "in-betweeners," I've always enjoyed the guy's blue-collar gruffness, sly sarcasm and grumpy charm. And since the biological clock is ticking on Willis' action-star career, I'm pretty darn psyched to check out Len Wiseman'sLive Free or Die Hard.

Yeah, I know: Seems a bit late in the game for another Die Hard installment, blah blah, etc. I don't care. I'm a fan and I won't let something like age or logic get in the way of my happiness -- at least not until the movie comes out and (maybe) sucks. Anyway, check out this rather quick-cut and action-centric international teaser for what's being called Die Hard 4.0 overseas. Unfortunately, the American version is still being called Live Free or Die Hard. The film's primary villain will be played by Timothy Olyphant, and the actor recently implied to us that there might be an homage to the great Alan Rickman somewhere in his performance. Also on board is Maggie Q as the villain's girlfriend, and Justin Long as McClane's young sidekick. The film opens on June 29.