Jerry Bruckheimer loves his dramatic action. He is behind a lot of the cop/investigation shows on television like CSI, Without a Trace and Cold Case. He's also got all of those adventure movies under his production belt, from current hits like the Pirates of the Caribbean series to action classics like Top Gun. Now Variety is reporting that he's getting back into biographical drama. The producer has nabbed the screen rights to an article that has just been published in the March issue of the Atlantic Monthly -- "Jihadists in Paradise."

It's not so surprising that he's nabbed an article this new. The piece was written by Mark Bowden, the man who wrote Black Hawk Down, which Bruckheimer produced in 2001. Jihadists covers the rise of the terrorist faction Abu Sayyaf and Aldam Tilao, one of the group's leaders. Tilao brought recognition to the group by nabbing 20 hostages at a diving resort, three of whom were American. Here's what became of those three: one was beheaded, and the remaining two -- a missionary couple named Gracia and Martin Burnham -- were jungle captives for over a year, when the group came under gunfire by the Philippine military. Martin was killed, and Gracia was wounded, but survived. As for Tilao, CIA and Filipino forces ultimately captured and killed him. The screenplay is being adapted by Bowden himself, so it should retain the flavor of the article. Call it a hunch, but I think this flick will go far.
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