I'm probably as sick of waiting for Grindhouse as you are listening to me talk about it -- but I just can't help it! It's like two very cool filmmakers probed my brain and then went out to make a movie just for me! The sticky-floor throwback approach, the wonderfully weird ensemble casting, the affection for Z-grade schlock of yesteryear ... it's a comedy, an action flick, a horror-fest. At this point I know everything I need to know about Grindhouse -- except if it's actually any good. And for that answer we must wait until April 6.

In the meantime we have this all-new and extra-meaty Grindhouse trailer to pick through, and what a wild clip it is. Whether you're down with Robert Rodriguez' Planet Terror or Quentin Tarantino'sDeath Proof -- or both, obviously -- this new promo will make it clear, once and for all, if you should A) avoid this movie forever, or B) bolt to the theater the minute it opens. (Guess which camp I'm in.) The first half of the dangerous double feature focuses on a town beset by zombie-like lunatics; the second deals with a homicidal stuntman who kills people with his car. People who are already inside the car, that is.

I'd run through the massive cast list and make mention of the "in-between" trailers that are being helmed by Eli Roth, Rob Zombie and Edgar Wright, but the geekiness is almost too much to bear. And the first person who whines about a 3-hour exploitation-fest is gonna get the back of my (virtual) hand. If dramas and musicals can push three hours, then so can a movie like Grindhouse. It's only fair.