My favorite Peter O'Toole movie -- but O'Toole is glorious fun in any movie. Even if the movie is lame overall, I always love watching O'Toole in it. He's been acting in films since 1960, so there are dozens of unmemorable or downright stinky movies in his filmography. I remember seeing Club Paradise in theaters -- how could it fail with a cast that included Robin Williams, Rick Moranis and Peter O'Toole, and was directed by Harold Ramis? And my first press junket ever was in college for the otherwise forgettable comedy King Ralph; I got to interview John Goodman in a roundtable, but not O'Toole. But for every Supergirl and High Spirits there's also a Lawrence of Arabia, The Ruling Class or The Stunt Man, in which he's not only great but the movie is too. O'Toole is nominated for an Oscar this year for Best Actor, for his role in Venus, and it's his performance that makes the movie something worth watching. He essentially plays Peter O'Toole, or at least our perception of him, and does it perfectly -- very similar to My Favorite Year in that respect (although I think he was being more John Barrymore-ish there).

The above image is from a lobby card for What's New, Pussycat?, a comedy from 1965 starring O'Toole and a bizarrely bewigged Peter Sellers. The screenplay was written by Woody Allen back before he decided to direct his own material -- he also has a minor role in this movie. O'Toole plays a swinging Sixties bachelor who consults a psychiatrist (Sellers) so he can learn to be faithful to his sweet little fiancee. He's pursued by women such as Capucine, Paula Prentiss and Ursula Andress. It is all very silly, with lots of sight gags from Peter Sellers, and dates badly -- but O'Toole's charming womanizer is equally irresistable to the audience.