The main awards for the 57th Berlin International Film Festival will be given out tonight during a ceremony at the Berlinale Palast. I will attempt to watch the ceremony on television here (sorting through the language barrier) and let you know who won as soon as possible. In the meantime, here are my picks to win the major awards, as well as who I think should win:

Golden Bear: Audience favs were Irina Palm and Hallam Foe, so I would not be surprised if one of those two films took home the prize. Press I've spoken with fell in love with Yella, and The Counterfeiters slid its way into many conversations toward the latter part of the week. Lost in Beijing would be the surprise underdog win, but don't count out I Served the King of England which also picked up steam in these last few days. Pick to win: Irina Palm. Who should win: Yella

Best Director: Though, overall, it wasn't a dazzling year for films in competition, the one thing they all shared was some fabulous directing. However, we're in Germany, and since I do not think Yella will win the Golden Bear, director Christian Petzold will most likely be given a best director award instead. Pick to win: Christian Petzold. Who should win: Christian Petzold.

Best Actress: By far, this is the toughest category to sort through, as there are plenty of top-notch performances to choose from. The way I see it, this category comes down to four women: Marion Cotillard (La Vie en rose), Marianne Faithfull (Irina Palm), Ramola Garai (Angel) and Fan Bingbing (Lost in Beijing). Cotillard was the early favorite, but Faithfull's performance in Irina Palm as the widowed grandmother working in a sex shop took center stage once that film premiered. Still, there's no denying Cotillard is the true winner here ... even if it does feel like La Vie en rose first screened for press decades ago. Pick to win: Marion Cotillard. Who should win: Marion Cotillard.

Best Actor: A harder category to pick; no real stand-out performances could be found (by me, at least) this year. Lots were raving over young Jamie Bell's extremely Sundance-ish role in Hallam Foe, though I personally was blown away by the performances from both male leads (Tony Dawei, Tony Leung) in Lost in Beijing. Pick to win: Jamie Bell. Who should win: Tony Dawei.

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