Edgar Wright, otherwise known as the lovely man who brought us the zombie butt-kicking Shaun of the Dead, has been busy. We havebeen covering the long-awaited arrival of his latest, Hot Fuzz, a British poopoo platter of talent that, frankly, excites me a lot more than most Hollywood power casts. While we still have a few months until the film hits North American shores, we can expect a lot more of the man in our future. Wright is already getting started on a number of other features that will have him penning his heart out.

Next on the docket is Them -- not to be confused with the other Them. The director has teamed up with none other than Mike White to co-write the screenplay. I can't think of much better pairing than having the man who brought us Chuck & Buck (forget about Nacho Libre) pair up with Wright. As he told IGN, White is "simply brilliant when [it] comes to creating quirky characters," so between that and his own ability to create crazy scenarios, it should be a fresh bit of moviemaking. While things are bound to change as they bounce ideas off of each other, the film has been described as "a conspiracy comedy about one woman's journey to unmask the secret rulers of the world."

As if one script wasn't enough, he's also got two comic book adaptations on his plate. The first, Ant Man, "is in a bit of a holding pattern" as the script is developed, but there should be more word soon. The pic will be about a biochemist who develops an instrument that allows him to communicate with and control insects. As for the other, he's also teaming up with Sean O'Malley on Scott Pilgrim's Precious Little Life, which is in the early idea stage. That one is basically about a man named Pilgrim, who starts dating a new girl and must battle her seven evil exes. And yet, there's more! He's already scheming his next film with Simon Pegg: "We have ideas we're tossing around, as we always do. We just haven't decided which one it's going to be."
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