Director Michael Bay recently sat down for a fanboy-style interview with MTV about Transformers -- the kind that starts out with the interviewer announcing "it seems like the planets are aligned for an insane movie event." Bay starts out by spouting some meaningless figures like "robots transform at 85 miles an hour" and "Ironhide's gun has 10,000 parts to make that gun" before dropping some interesting tidbits, like the fact that we should not expect to hear the voices of name-actors popping up. He also says that almost all of the robot voices people have heard up to now in footage are simply stand-ins, and casting for the finished voices is underway now. Will he use any voice actors from any previous incarnations of Transformers? He refuses to say.

Would Bay be interested in doing a sequel? "Yeah, of course you want to create a franchise, but it's just like the show LOST -- the writers don't know the ending.....if we do Transformers 2, you definitely have to go bigger....I can't tell you yet, because the script's not written...." He also implies that the budget for this film was not excessive, stating "the movie cost $150 million, whereas some of the Pirate movies cost $280 [million]." Bay also bristles when the interviewer asks if he considers Transformers to be a 'personal' film, perhaps sensing an insult where none was implied. "Oh, come's not personal, this is popcorn," Bay says, before adding "there is totally my stamp, all over the place, because I basically write my own action. I do that to keep myself from getting bored." What about detractors? "There are tons of people that hate me, hate my movies, but hey, my movies have made a lot of money around the everything you do, you're going to have lovers and haters."

While talking about the hyper-cutting style that he fashioned for Bad Boys -- an innovation born out of lack of money, he claims -- he also drops the news that Jerry Bruckheimer recently received a call from Will Smith's representatives, sounding the filmmakers out about a possible return to the Bad Boys franchise. Bay muses that "it was certainly fun to work with those guys...." Would he be open to another go-round? "Yeah, it was great fun."

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