I've seen Grindhouse posters of all shapes and sizes in theaters around town, not to mention online (you should see the Grindhouse display at Alamo Drafthouse Village -- I wish I had photos), but apparently the "official one-sheet" hadn't yet been released until now. Over at Bloody Disgusting, they've released a good graphic of the new poster, which incorporates the mini-posters we've already seen for the two main parts of the film, Robert Rodriguez'sPlanet Terror and Quentin Tarantino'sDeath Proof. It's a busy poster, but the elements work together nicely as part of an overall tribute to the old grindhouse/exploitation film advertising.

Like the other Grindhouse publicity pieces, the poster has the scratched and aged look about it, and the fonts are right out of the past. I particularly like the type used for "Explosive" on the poster. I still prefer the small poster with the "Burnet Rd. Drive-In" banner on the top, mainly because I live near the referenced Burnet Road in Austin. (I really want that poster.) Over at Movie Marketing Madness, Chris Thilk recently made a good point about the onslaught of Grindhouse publicity material, in reference to the most recent trailer: "It is meant to be gushed over by the audience most likely to already be inclined to see it." If you like old grindhouse movies, or if you're a big fan of Tarantino and Rodriguez, you may think the new one-sheet is pretty cool. However, in that case you're probably already planning to see the movie.

Does The Weinstein Company have no plans to market this movie outside of its niche? If not, why are they continuing to hype the movie so much? This reminds me a little of the Snakes on a Plane campaign, which flooded the media, but then only the people who were tempted to see the movie when they heard about the title (and Samuel L. Jackson) ended up seeing the movie when it opened. I'm not sure how this level of marketing to the already interested will pay off -- I do think a lot of the publicity material looks great, but much more of this and I'm going to grow tired of it.

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