It's been awhile since we have had any news about Patrick Read Johnson's Star Wars comedy 5-25-77. Back in 2005, Karina had a look at the teaser trailer for the coming of age story about the ultimate fan. Well, here we are almost two years later and while there has been the trailer, a website and a promised release date of May 25th of this year, there hadn't been much news from the production; prompting questions about whether the film was going to make its promised release date. Fan Cinema Today wondered the same and actually got an answer -- sort of. The site received a sneak preview of the poster for the film with the promise of "More info to come...soon."

5-25-77 is inspired by an event from Johnson's own youth; in 1976 the teen filmmaker was invited to a rough screening of Star Wars at ILM. The movie is only loosely based on Johnson and instead focuses on the teen returning to his small town to become the film's number one fan. Since it's a coming of age comedy, there will probably be plenty of touching moments and comic obstacles peppered in amongst the nostalgia. If Johnson keeps to his release date, it might put the film in competition with MGM's Fanboys, but considering what Erik thought of the Fanboys trailer, 5-25-77 should have a fighting chance.
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